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Looking for a special piece to complete your collection? Have an item you wish to sell or trade? Need help identifying a pattern or other Carr-related items?  The Swap Meet is your place to make contact with others to buy, sell or trade Carr China.

Just a note of reminder:  if you fail to provide your email address or mailing address, you leave us no way to respond to your requests.  Please trust that we will never sell or abuse your personal information.  It will not be shared to anyone...ever!

Please fill out the form below to list items you are looking to buy, sell, trade or identify:

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This Swap Meet is a free service intended to link interested buyers and sellers only. At this time, there are no plans to charge a fee for any listing. As a result, this website takes ABSOLUTELY no responsibility in any way in the authenticity of information or items posted, nor will we get involved in any way in transaction disputes. Please do not abuse this service. There are other website commerce locations intended for buyers and sellers (e.g. eBAY, Yahoo Auctions, etc.) that are intended for competitive selling of wares. Our only intention is to bring together Carr collectors and the items they love.

We reserve the right to modify or edit postings to conform to this website. We also must reserve the right to refuse to including listings we deem as offensive or inappropriate for this site. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

BUY:  John in Morgantown is looking for Marbett's, a division of White Tower, pieces made by Carr.  Please contact him if you have pieces available for sale.

SWAP/TRADE:  Jessica has a Datyon plate and a Blue Rho Dendra platter that she would like to sell or trade for other Carr pieces.

BUY:   Trish in West Virginia is looking for Glo-Tan coffee mugs.  Please contact her if you have pieces available for sale.

BUY:  Randy in Hillsboro, IL is looking for pieces in the Checker pattern.  Please contact him if you have pieces available for sale.

BUY:  Rachel in Memphis has fond memories of the Blue Willow dishes that were used in a family restaurant as a child and is looking for pieces to use.  Please contact her if you have pieces available for sale.

BUY:  Have any Staunton Military Academy Carr China pieces for sale?  Eugene in Stuarts Draft, VA is a graduate of the academy and is seeking pieces to add to his collection.  Please contact him if you have pieces for sale.

BUY:   A Grafton native is looking for Tygart Dam plates and State of West Virginia park pieces - especially those with the quail center design.  If you have pieces you are interested in selling, contact Richard.

BUY:  Roland in Morgantown is interested in buying Carr pieces in the Dayton pattern.  If you have pieces you are interested in selling, you may contact Roland.

BUY:  Howard in Grafton is looking for a Blue Rho Dendra cream pitcher.  If you have a piece you would like to sell, you can contact him via email. 

BUY:  Jean in Florida is seeking Dayton pieces to add to a set of dishes she recently inherited.  She doesn't need cups and saucers, but is looking for other pieces.  If you have anything you'd like to sell, please contact her.

BUY/SWAP:  The webmaster is looking for pictures or other factory-related information (employee ID cards, company sales materials, etc.) and is willing to buy them outright or will consider swapping for Carr china pieces.  You may contact the webmaster at the above link.