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Glo-Tan was Carr China's name for their tan bodied wares. Favored by many, Glo-Tan is a sturdy ware and versitile backdrop for many popular Carr patterns.

According to company order guides, a premium was charged for Glo-Tan over white wares, suggesting they, too, thought this was an exceptional product.

How well do you know your Glo-tan competitors?

I think we've all picked up a dish or two made by the manufactureres below, thinking it might be Glo-Tan:

Adobe Ware - Onondaga Pottery/Syracuse China
Café Au Lait, Café Ware - Buffalo China
Desert Tan - Sterling China
Desert Ware - Wallace China
Incaware - Shenango Pottery
Iro-Tan - Iroquois China
Jac-Tan - Jackson China
Lenape Trenton - Scammell China
Myan Ware - Mayer China
Roloc - McNicol
Sand Tan, San Tan, Swing Ware - Wellsville
Santone - Warwick
Sunglow - Tepco
Tan - Caribe
Toltec Ware - Walker China

Know of any we've missed? Let us know!



A beautiful collection of Glo-tan would make a gorgeous table setting.


This "Wrenthem Showboat" plate is produced on Glo-Tan with a Brooklyn border.