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Work officially began on October 19 to remove the remains of the Carr China Plant on Pottery Lane in Grafton, WV.

Work activities during this period included making road improvements to Pottery Lane and clearing/grubbing areas around the former building foundations. Road improvements are necessary to allow access for heavy trucks to transport contaminated soil off site when excavation activities begin. After the areas around the former buildings are cleared, bricks and other building debris will be removed in order to allow access to conduct additional soil screening and sampling to further delineate areas of contamination that may require excavation.

It is unfortunate that the lead levels in this area have warranted the need for site clean-up. Sadder still is that loss of the countless patterns and artifacts located on the site that will be lost forever.

Recent efforts by a group a restaurant ware collectors to explore the site and document patterns and backstamps proved very fruitful. We hope to share those images here soon and wish we had more time to futher document the wares of Carr China.

Welcome to the Carr China Collectors' Club website!

This site is a place for Carr Collectors to come and share pictures, stories and memories associated with the Carr China Company of Grafton, West Virginia.  This is a free site that is dependent upon your contributions to keep it fresh and relevant.  If you have a story or idea to share, we hope that you will take the time to write us.  It is our goal to continue to evolve this site to best meet the needs of Carr China collectors.

 This site offers visitors:
·         A chance to meet and profile collectors and fans of Carr China
·         A forum where members can post information about pieces they are looking for and/or are available for sale
·         Opportunities for former employees and Carr China experts to share their own personal experiences and stories
·         Information about known patterns and backstamps to assist you in identifying and dating your Carr China pieces
·         Rich history about key people and places associated with Carr China

And much, much more!  Thanks for stopping by - we hope you enjoy it!

This site was last updated on October 28, 2009.